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Integrated Management Systems

TS context of our company, Integrated Management System ISO EN 9001, EN ISO 14001 and TS 18001 standard is being applied is made up certified by the Turkish Standards Institute.

Integrated Management System Policy:

1. Mineral oil and grease in the production of our products and services meet customer expectations at the highest level of activity.

2. Occupational health and safety, to continuously improve the environment and enhance the sensitivity and quality.

3. Employers, workers and the state of health and inseparable trio that awareness to comply with all local regulations and international laws on environmental issues with security awareness training to all employees; took control of the risks at source to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, to reduce pollution at the source or disposal by appropriate methods, the environment in the given hands of the possibilities of using least polluting technologies, we are committed to protecting our natural resources.

4. Product and service at the most reasonable cost to achieve.

5. quality in all our activities, occupational health and safety, to give importance to the environment in which we live.

6. Reliability and co-decision; The main factors shaping our trade.

7. Our suppliers are our partners.

8. Our employees are our strength.

9. The main principles of accuracy in our thoughts and in our trade.

10. Continuous improvement, improvement and innovation determines our success.

11. Together ambitious, can be controlled, in accordance with corporate objectives and identifies achievable goals, and we think our work targeted act.

12. Game-Trilub Chemistry and is an association of like-minded family living.




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