Gema Oil Antifreeze NFR

Organic Acid Technology Nitrate Free Antifreeze

Protects Water Cooled Systems Against Freezing

Gema Oil Antifreeze NFR, is based on mono ethylene glycol, developed by Organic Acid Technology contains silicate and do not contain nitrate, phosphate and amine in its formulation. Silicates and other inhibitors protect the cooling system against corrosion and rust, keep it clean by inhibiting sludge formation and boost the performance. Environmental friendly antifreeze produced by hybrid organic and inorganic technology contains some silicates. Effectively protects the cooling system components of modern vehicles having materials like aluminum alloys, copper, brass, solder, iron and steel. Decreases the freezing point and increases the boiling point of water, therefore it is recommended for use in all seasons. Caution: Should not be mixed silicate free antifreeze.